Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Cure for Anxiety

My secret is simple, I pray. I was born and raised as a Christian along with my siblings Sam and Kevin. My parents have taken us to church and taught us to pray every night since I can remember. "Bow your head, close your eyes, fold your hands, sing a repeating Hallelujah, tell God what's going on that day, say Our Father prayer, and end with Amen" that's how my father taught us how to pray, so that's how we've prayed every night and in the morning. I'm not telling you to pray exactly the way I do. I respect all religions and this post is dedicated to those who have anxieties and want to feel safe.

As I grew older, I've found myself waking up feeling guilty because of not saying a prayer the night before. I still remember times where I was struggling to habituate myself praying every single night in a week straight. I was 8 or 9 at that time and it took me months to do that, it was very difficult for me to commit myself to it. Sometimes I fell asleep, sometimes I simply just forgot. The amazing thing is God helped me along the way. I always have a bad day or at least something bad happens at school every time I don't pray the night before and the opposite applies to when I pray the night before. Sometimes a little motive can force me to do things and God knows that. I admit that most of the time during my elementary school I pray only to prevent something bad from happening. The perks of it is if I prayed, that I'd always wake up worry-free and believe that everything's going to be ok that day. It's kinda wonderful to be able to feel something like that everyday in your life, isn't it.

From a week straight, I was suddenly able to pray every single night for a month straight and it felt like the biggest accomplishment ever. HA! Then life goes on and suddenly I just found myself praying every single night and day. I have a little secret though, I kinda have a "template" for my prayer that I've been using since I was around 7 year old 'til this day. I'm kinda proud of my-7 year old-self for that :) So basically my daily prayer is always the same plus special requests or questions. Sometimes my head even wanders around when I pray and that happens a lot. You should do better though :p

Now as I get older, I've learned that you can always communicate with God in every single situation, not just every night before you're going to bed. You can always say a prayer in your heart whenever you feel really thankful or when you're in tough situations. I've seen people who suffer from anxiety and it affects everything they do, most nights they can't sleep, they feel tired all the time, it's horrible.

I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I feel so anxious too. And don't get me wrong, sometimes bad things still do happen even If I prayed the night before. The difference is God makes me feel safe most of the time and He makes me believe that everything happens for a reason. So if there's a cure for anxiety, would you take it?

Life Updates

Hi everyone, I'm finally back! My last post feels like ages ago, continuing this blog has always been new year's resolution but apparently I just couldn't help being so freaking lazy. I do apologize about that :/

I have lots of stuff coming up, especially for the "Travel" section. I'm gonna be posting my trip to Japan in 2012 (should've done this 3 years ago, I know I know) and my Alaska & Canada trip last month with my family.

Bits of life's updates, I've been working as a consultant in a big IT consulting firm for almost 2 years now and I enjoy every second of it. The thing about working as a consultant is that there are times when work equals life and then there are times when you're sitting on the bench and basically have nothing to do. I'm currently on the latter phase now, that's why I decide to continue this blog during this funemployment.

Back to the day when I started this blog, I didn't have any story to tell. I was only gonna post about food & places. After so many things happened in my life that I'm finally able to put bits and pieces together, now I'm very excited to tell you my stories. Every blessing, struggle, dream, ups and downs of my life will be told in a new section called "Journal", so keep an eye out!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Travelling in New Zealand won't be complete without visiting Agrodome. It offers an educational sheep show, organic farm tours & a range of thrilling adventure activities. We only did the sheep show, I was actually really want to try The Zorb. Too bad we didn't have much time. The Zorb involves getting inside a huge double walled beach ball, either harnessed (dry zorb) or with a bucket of water (wet zorb) and being rolled down a hill. Anyway, here are the pictures from the show!